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Meet the Kids

Chris Jr

The namesake of Fresh Kid Ice is the eldest of his siblings. He has produced beats for artists such as Young Dolph, Young Breed, and Young Vulture. As of recent, he has stepped behind the microphone himself. In his spare time, he loves hitting the heavy bag and playing Madden.

Cute Young Girl


He is the Co-Creator of the Vibe Wichita online platform. LT is an Executive Producer for Vibe Nation and Drew Vision Cinema. The middle son is a sports enthusiast. Since graduating college in 2010, he has dedicated most of his free time to coaching football. LT coached 10 seasons of varsity football and seven seasons of varsity track & field.

DJ Lamont

This young man toured all over the world with his dad. He got his start playing teen parties during the resurgence of the "Pac Jam" in the 2000s. In addition to being an established DJ he is also becoming a sought after engineer. He also is an artist in his own right. 

Man with Purple Shirt


She is the baby of the bunch. While she may be the youngest of the four that doesn't stop her from handling business. She's not one to seek the spotlight, but deserves to be recognized for the loving supportive sister that she is.

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