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My rise 2 fame

"My Rise 2 Fame" is the autobiography and explicit untold story of Christopher "Fresh Kid Ice" Wong Won, the historic co-founder of hip hop's most infamous group "THE 2 LIVE CREW." Chris is a first amendment freedom fighter, Supreme Court Victor, independent music pioneer, and hip hop icon. 

This book features his all true stories of the music business, making gold and multi platinum albums, and a legendary lawsuit from Florida's governor. It is a historic ride through one of the world's favorite cult genres ("Miami Bass") and a thrilling memoir that also features the Top 10 Strip Club Cities in America, what happens at a freak show, and how to pull a caper. 

The past, present, and future collide in dramatic fashion as the roller coaster highs and lows of life on the road bestow their pleasures and take their tolls. 

Born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and raised in Brooklyn, Christopher Wong Won's journey through life as a Chinese Afro-Caribbean immigrant reflects the hopes and dreams of America today. 

From overcoming the adversity of a life altering injury, introducing Southern hip hop to the world, bringing sex and rap together in songs that are still played and imitated today, selling platinum, shocking and offending...and then watching an empire crash around him in a hail of lawsuits, mismanagement, greed, and thievery, Fresh Kid Ice seen it all. 

Learn about the man and the group, whose music is featured in the movies Boyz N The Hood, Friday, Twins, New Jack City, Project X, and the video game Grand Theft Auto in a book that reveals never before told stories that will leave you breathless and amazed. 

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