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Many of his classmates pursued careers in corporate America. LT decided to pursue his passions instead. He has managed to build quite the resume, and has done so from the ground up. He is credited as an Executive Producer on Director Troy Andrews first feature film "The Seeds." LT has also captured and directed some of the most elaborate BTS film-making documentaries on the web. He most notably coached a perennial losing program to it's best record and finish in school history. 

executive producer

It began as five friends starting a podcast. It gradually settled as two brothers diving into film-making. Troy Lamont's film "The Seeds" is scheduled to hit streaming services in 2024. Other projects are in the works.



LT has found his niche in Behind The Scenes documentary style Cinematography. He has documented as his production company has created premium visual content. He also possesses skills in Graphic and Web Design.



Served three seasons as Head Varsity Football Coach from 2021-2023. Prior to that, he coached seven years as a MS HC & varsity assistant. He got his start as a volunteer on the youth level in 2011.

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